Racial Discrimination of Minority Groups in New York

Racial Discrimination of Minority Groups in New York

Social Justice Media Campaign racial discrimination and minority women in New York

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In presentation you can put a video , or illustration and sourses.
racial discrimination and minority women which is still extremely large group you and you need to identify an area / topic . Then you also have to identify something that you have a specific goal to address , unfortunately the goal of eradicating racism and prejudice is not feasible . Possibly research to narrow your focus to a specific subject area
campaign should answer the question, “What is social justice and how do you construct a movement to address racial, social, economic and gendered inequalities?” Along with a multimedia presentation you will each submit a written proposal on your campaign. Throughout the semester we have engaged in a discussion around the formation of racial, social, economic inequality. This project requires a firm understanding of the structural and institutional inequality. Your social justice campaign paper must provide a rigorous discussion of the inequality. Your campaign will provide an objective that mobilizes, educates and fosters substantive change. Over the course we have addressed issues around white supremacy that are fundamental to creation of injustice in the areas of : Voting, Education, Economic Inequalities, and Criminal Justice to name a few .
You will need to first identify your audience. Then come up with how the campaign will attract and mobilize them. Provide hashtags etc. and a plan on how the campaign will be rolled out. This project requires you to engage in both a structural and intellectual analysis of not only inequality but the strategic lessons you have learned from studying the thematic issues of injustice. Lastly, part of your paper must have a component that assesses your campaign’s success and its failure/limitations. Address the pros and cons with developing a social media campaign. The paper must consist of reputable secondary and one primary source.
You Will need to do following – Use this as a guidepost
1. Define Your Audience
Be specific and learn as much as possible about the target audience. One way to define the target audience is to describe their demographics (for example, heterosexual males between the ages of 14 and 18 who smoke). In addition, paint a vivid picture of the individuals within the group; understand their attitudes, feelings, beliefs, values, motivation, and culture—all the factors that might influence this demographic
2. Determine the Message
This is a critical step. When creating a message, be very clear about the behavior you want to elicit. Do you want the audience to make a telephone call? Send for information? Stop doing something—like smoking—or start doing something—like talking to their children about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs? People who see or hear the message must be clear about why they need to get involved.
3. Determine the tone of your message

Finally, determine the tone and the style of the message. Tone is an elusive quality but is very important in a social marketing campaign. Determine if the message is intended to be informative? Emotional? Humorous? A combination of the above?
Remember: all the “pieces” of the message—headlines, illustrations, and copy—should work together to immediately establish what is being offered, what the benefits are, and who is advertising it. People should know at a glance what the message is about.