Culture representation in cities

Lecture presents a set of city case studies through which issues of historic and
contemporary urban developments as well as different approaches of representation were
explored. Case studies include this year cities such as New York, Tokyo, Paris, Bogota,
London, Paris, Las Vegas, Ahmedabad, Istanbul, Accra, Kuala Lumpur, Cape Town and Berlin.
The case studies are looked at and combined with a set of thematic issues concerning
cities and their historic development, usage and perception/representation, – this includes
topics such as Representation, the Everyday, Ecology, the Body, Conflict, Consumption,
Production, Cultures, Modernity, Religion and Politics.
The lecture series challenges the narrow definitions of cities that continue in circulation
within architectural education and practice. It presents numerous ways in which, or the
tools through which, both citizens and architects might understand cities more broadly. It
investigates hereby the dialectic between alleged subjective and objective, between the
position of the amateur and that of the professional, testing the portrayal through the
former against the orthodoxy of the latter.
The lecture series also uses various inter-disciplinary approaches that have been
deployed as part of a developing attitude towards the analysis and portrayal of cities,
approaches that go beyond the usual survey methodologies deployed by architecture and
urbanism, including and combining literature, film, sociology, economics, art practice, and
other culturally related disciplines.
The lectures are delivered by Florian Kossak, Emma Cheatle, Beatrice De Carli, Krzysztof
Nawratek, Doina Petrescu, Victoria Okoye, and Claudia Rojas Bernal .

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