Customer Relationship Management Assessment


For this assignment, you will need to identify a food or beverage retailer in the area that has a customer loyalty program.  Your write-up should be 4 pages, double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 point-font.

  • In-Store Customer Relationship Management Assessment
    1. How does your retailer implement a customer relationship management program? What was the level of customer service?  How many employees were available and knowledgeable enough to answer questions?  What technologies are improving customer experiences?  How is the retailer building customer loyalty?  During your visit did you experience or observe someone else experiencing a moment that could create an emotional attachment?
  • Buying Merchandise- Brand Alternatives
    1. What types of brands (ch.13) are available at your retailer? How do these alternatives relate to the customer experience in terms of assortment, price distribution, and product quality distribution?  How do the brands impact your image of the retailer?
  • Frequent-Shopper Program Evaluation

Note you do not need to sign up for a new program for this assignment; you just need to gather information.  You can use an in-store interaction with a clerk, pamphlet (usually found at the register or customer service center), or retailer website.

  1. What information is requested from the retailer to sign-up for the loyalty program? Which of these elements are required?  Is there any discussion on privacy concerns such as how the information will be used, stored, or distributed to other parties?  If you wanted to un-enroll from the program, how would you do so?  What would happen to your data?
  2. Describe the frequent-shopper program.
    1. How are transactions registered- from a card, providing your phone number each time, …? How do you keep track of your status or promotions?  Does the reward program show up on your receipt?  Do you receive printed coupons?  Is there an accompanying app or online account?
    2. Are all transactions rewarded, and by the same amount? How?  (How many dollars equal how many points, or how many visits until a freebie, etc.)  What are the rewards?  Can you choose between rewards?  Can you work your way up to another tier or reward category?  How long from the date earned do the rewards expire?
  3. Does or would this program change your shopping behavior? How or why not?  Do you think your retailer has a strong frequent-shopper program?  Why or why not?
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