Diversifying income sources for Saudi Arabia To achieve the Saudi Vision 2030

Student Anticipated Actions
The students will:
1. Strictly follow the Approved Guidelines related to preparing and filling the Research Project.
2. For formatting of the thesis, please use the suggested template provided to you at beginning of semester.
The instructions on how to use the template is available within the approved guidelines manual.
3. Develop the proposal for their research project and submit to their supervisors for approval. The approved
template for constructing a research proposal is supplied separately.
4. Perform an extensive review of pertinent literature on a particular topic using both online and offline
scientific sources of literature.
5. Once started, it is advised to timely submit the sections of your report to your designated supervisor. The
supervisor will check your progress and keep you as well as the College informed of whether you are
performing satisfactorily.
6. Check their final thesis for plagiarism by submitting to Plagiarism Software. Students have the utmost
responsibility to adhere to this principle of academic integrity and honesty by ensuring that their report is
plagiarism free. Regarding the rules on plagiarism, please refer to the approved guidelines manual.
7. Develop and present a power point presentation on the selected project to ‘Project Assessment Committee
of the Department’ at the agreed dates and stages.
8. A signed hard bound copy of final project report has to be submitted to the department/supervisor at
agreed deadlines.
9. The project work will be graded through a comprehensive assessment rubric. In order to have a prior
knowledge about the different evaluation criteria, you can review the assessment rubric within the
approved guidelines manual.
10. To know further about the course aims and objectives, course overview, rationale and the quality
requirements of the course/project work, please refer to the approved guidelines manual.

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