Does Financial Deepening Promote Economic Growth? (answered)

Research Methods in International Finance Paper 
Please write like following structure。
Long Term Paper
Students are required to prepare individually a long term paper based on the topic on which they will write their research project. This is intended to form the early stages of preparing for the research project. The term paper should cover the following:

  •  it should set out the question and provide a clear motivation for why this is an important question; (<750 words)
  •  it should contain an initial review of relevant literature; and(>2,100 words)
  •  it should identify the data proposed to be used in the research project, and, much more 
briefly, set out initial ideas on methods to be applied. (about 750 words)
  •  it should briefly discuss a communications plan: how the results of the analysis might be communicated and in principle to whom (though you are not formally required to do this the research project). (<750 words)
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