Durability of Concrete (Questions and Answers)

Durability of Concrete Assignment 
Answer the following questions about Durability of Concrete. Use not more than 550 words in each question.
What are Design Codes and their application?
What is the main concept of the Limit States Codes?
What are the main Limit States requirements for the concrete structures?
Briefly explain the differences between serviceability and ultimate limit states, giving examples of each?
Name the different types of cracks and their sources?
What are the load combinations for serviceability and why do we need them?
Why do we need load factors and capacity reduction factor?
Why and how can we protect the reinforcing steel?
How can we satisfy durability by cover requirements?
What is Fire Resistance Period (FRP)?
What are the main concerns of design for fire load?
Reinforcement will not prevent the formation of cracks and indeed may cause cracks to form. Explain why?
What are the bases of crack control in AS 3600-2009?

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