Editorial Letter Question (Professional Letter Format)

Choose a 5- to 10-minute instructional video on an appropriate subject from YouTube or another appropriate platform. Then, compose a 1- to 2-page letter (single spaced) to the creator of the video with editorial commentary about the content, organization, style, and delivery of the instructions. “Delivery” entails audio and visual components not typical to written content. Some other specifics about the content and organization are the following:

  • Balance clarity and politeness.
  • Recall previous lessons on word choice and tone, especially sensitive content and levels of directness.
  • Be sure video creators know how to do what you tell them. For example, if you think adding text overlays would improve the video, consider that they may not know how to create text overlays. What might they consult for how to do this?
  • Ensure paragraphs are unified, cohesive, and developed.
  • Incorporate research from at least two sources on effective videography and instructional videos. Practitioner blog posts are acceptable and are easy to access.


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