Electoral College

https://www.nytimes.com/2016/11/09/us/politics/how-does-the-electoral-college-work.html Please make sure your post is in the appropriate format, i.e. post directly to the site—no attachments please. Look (again) at the system requirements and basic technical policies that are listed in the modules and the syllabus. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have adhered to these technical standards and failure to do so will result in you receiving zero points for the assignment. Make sure that you have read and have understood both the writing section requirements and Plagiarism policies—for you will be held accountable to all policies and protocols. Do not use Wikipedia–if you do you will receive zero points. Make sure to couch your response based upon the materials found in the readings and modules. Your essay is being graded here on the quality of your insights and these should be critically evaluative. You can access the assignment at any time and you will only be locked out when the deadline has been reached. Due: Sunday, February 2 at 11 P.M. Respond inline to: In your own words, write an essay (of around 1250 words) that explains how the Electoral College works. More importantly, analyze how the Electoral College itself shapes the campaigning strategy and tactics of presidential candidates. The paper is worth a maximum of 200 points.

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