Energy and Environmental Security in Kuwait

Paper Subject and instructions:  Environmental Security Analysis Project in Kuwait (Energy lens)

  • Objectives

The ESAP (Environmental Security Analysis Project) has two main objectives:

  • Learn how to examine a set of an environmental security issues within a geographic region, analyze them, and discuss ways to address the environmental and security problems in a way that will enhance the security of that region.
  • Appreciate the importance of factoring the potential effects and impacts of the natural environment into policy making before a situation requires U.S. intervention through humanitarian/economic relief or military


  • Lens to analyze the environmental security in Lebanon: (Energy (use and/or production))

Your paper should answer BOTH of the two following questions.

  1. a) What is the relationship between Energy and Environmental Security in Kuwait?
  2. b) What policy initiatives need to be implemented regarding Energy in order to create a heightened level of Environmental Security for Lebanon in order to avoid social, economic stress and conflict?”

Your paper should be between 1800 – 2200 words, excluding referencing. You are allowed to use any reference style you choose, so long as you are consistent and adhere to the style. Ensure you reference appropriately throughout your paper as a lack of referencing will be read as plagiarism.
Instructions for the outline of the paper:

  • A cover page with your chosen country, lenses and your name
  • A one page summary that begins to answer the questions above in a broad way. This summary should be informed by the readings done for the annotated bibliography and can also include citations from other sources.
  • A detailed outline of your paper
  • A reference page with at least 16 references, which must come from academic journal articles.

Note that the more detailed your outline is, the more feedback I can give you and the better your grade is likely to be.

  • Summary: The summary should be a thorough overview of the entire paper; authors should avoid merely writing an introduction. A certain level of analytical critique and engagement with the literature should be present. Grammar, clarity, and referencing should be commensurate with marking descriptors.
  • Outline: The outline should be thorough and detailed. Sources and research should be addressed directly and fully incorporated into the outline. Authors should show a factual basis for their argument as well as the progression of said argument. Thesis statements should be clearly represented.
  • Bibliography and referencing: At least 16 sources should be present; the sources should be academic. Referencing should be prolific throughout the outline and summary. Both in-text and bibliographic referencing should be correct based on APA format.
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