Engineering Discipline Response Papers

Engineering Discipline Response Papers
Throughout the semester, we will be discussing six (6) engineering disciplines (acoustical, biomedical, civil, computer, electrical, and mechanical). Each student is required to submit three (3) response papers. If more than three are submitted, the highest three scores will be used to calculate the semester grade.
Paper Content
Following each lecture the student must write a response paper discussing ALL of the following points.
– Describe this type of engineering and what types of careers these engineers have.
– Describe how the design activity performed in class relates to this engineering discipline.
– Give two examples (different from those given in class) of specific projects within this field of engineering.
– What do you find interesting about this field of engineering? Is it your major? If so, what do you like about it? If not, would you consider changing majors? Why or why not?
Paper Format Requirements
– 1 page minimum, standard letter paper
– 11-point font
– 1 inch margins
– Single-spaced

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