Engineering Problem Solving Engineers Without Borders Project (EWB)

Engineers Without Borders Project (EWB)
Engineering Problem Solving
In 2,200 words, and formatting your paper in Harvard style, citing at lest 10 sources, address the following:
Part 1
Explain your interest in the EWB project and the particular design area that you have selected.
What do you think is (or isn’t) stimulating, interesting or challenging about the design task?
How well does the project match your expectations for progressing in your academic and professional life? Explain your reasoning.
Part 2
Explain your motivations for studying your current university program and discuss any difficulties or barriers you expect you might encounter (or already have) during your studies.
Part 3
Present your knowledge of the necessary conditions for, or factors, which affect effective team functioning, citing evidence from the literature on the topic. How does this information affect the specific strategies and processes that your team should take up in order to be able to function well? How these procedures in turn affect the outcomes your team can achieve during the semester?

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