Food Geography Reflection Question

For this assignment, you will use participant observation to understand and analyze the connections between what we consume and the geographic processes.
(1) What are the food items you consume on a regular basis and why ? (taste, ease of access,health reasons, social pressure)?
(2) Identify one class concept/theme from the food geographies readings to discuss how broader social or economic processed food have shaped your daily food habits.
(3) Refelect on which of your meals are communal meals. That is, meals eaten with friends or family. And which of your meals are individually consumed?  Is there a difference in the nutrition value between communal and individual meals? Draw on one class concept from any of the class readings, to analyze how your eating habits shapes social relations in your daily life.
(4) Note down one element of your meals that makes a repeated appearnace in your food chart. Your task is to trace the journey of this product from its place of origin to its final site, your body. Drawing on class readings for the food geographies week specifically, analyze the gobal forces, global institutions, and forms of agriculture that shape the journey of this food item. And finally, place yourself in this equation, what role do you as a consumer play in influencing the journey of this food item?
Your paper should be formated in MLA style. You should write between 850 and 1,050 words.

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