Going Global in Business (Market Entry and Cultural Challenges)

Going Global in Business (Market Entry and Cultural Challenges)

  1. The task

The task is to write a 3,000 word report (+/- 10%) on an existing organisation, the scenario is that this organisation plans to enter a new market where it has little or no presence currently, and which is significantly different culturally from the home nation.

  1. Basic guidelines
  • The precise combination of organisation and target culture need to be agreed with your seminar tutor.
  • The organisation’s home culture and the target culture need to be unfamiliar to all members of your team.
  • The emphasis is on cultural influences on the market entry method rather than whether the market itself is appropriate in terms of sustainable demand etc.
  • For some companies the cultural information may be hard to come across, in some cases some reasonable assumptions will be allowed by your seminar tutor, but these need to be made clear in your work.
  1. Content: There are two main areas to address:
  2. Preparation for market entry (approx 1500 words)
  3. An analysis of the organisation’s current culture and core values, the nature and extent of the influence of home country culture on company culture.
  4. An analysis of the target culture (and regional / industry sub-cultures if necessary).
  5. What aspects of the organisational/national culture and background of the company make it a good match with the target culture?
  6. Explain the most effective market entry method. What aspects of culture affect the choice of market entry method?
  7. Specific cultural challenges after entry (approx 1500 words)

You must cover three of the following topics
What issues may occur in the following areas in the future, and how might they be overcome?

  1. Leadership and Management
  2. Teamwork (incl. working virtually)
  3. Negotiation and conflict resolution
  4. Communication (internal and external)
  5. HRM related issues:

– Recruiting  and Selection
– Staff development and training
– Performance Management and Reward

  1. Marking Criteria (as in the real world, all of these have an essential role)

Please note summative group work will result in an individual grade
Content: knowledge and insight into the chosen countries, company etc
Application of relevant theory or frameworks
Critical thinking: objective, unbiased description and analysis
Format: The structure needs to present at least the following: title page, contents page, introduction, main section, conclusion. Clear headings are essential, as are citations and a full list of references (Harvard style).

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