Job/Organizational Reflection Term Paper

Job/Organizational Reflection Term Paper
The purpose of this paper is to allow you to apply the classroom material to a real job that you are familiar with. This should be a reflection on a job that you currently have or have had in the past, or a job that you have some familiarity with (for example, a friend’s job).
Your first task will be to write a concise, one paragraph description of the job and the organization. This will be due February 4, and worth 10 of the 150 possible points for the paper. This will be due via the Blackboard site by 11:59PM February 4. Late submissions will result in your final paper mark being reduced by 2 points per day, up to a maximum of 10 points.
The second task will be to reflect on this job with the lenses of the material from this course. You must select two of the following lenses – in other words, focus on reflecting on how the material related to two of the following topics is important in understanding the work experience of this job. You will then use information from the course material and other sources to assess these aspects of the job with respect to whether or not “best practices” as described in the literature are being followed.
1. Recruitment and selection
a. How are people for this job recruited?
b. Are references requested as part of the application process? How are they used?
c. What is the interview protocol like and who conducts it?
d. Are tests or other assessments used as part of the selection process?
2. Performance management
a. How often does the supervisor “manage” employee performance?
b. How is performance measured?
c. Is training available and if so, how is it delivered?
d. How is performance evaluated?
3. Employee motivation and satisfaction
a. Are employees motivated at this organization? How do you know?
b. What is the implicit assumption about employee motivation at this organization?
c. Does this differ from supervisor to supervisor, or division to division?
d. Are employees generally satisfied at this organization? How do you know?
4. Leadership
a. What sort of leadership exists in the whole organization?
b. What sort of leadership does the supervisor for this job have?
c. What leadership activities are evident?
d. How do employees react to this leadership?
5. Groups and Team
a. What are some of the different groups that exist at this workplace?
b. Are there teams at the workplace and, if so, how do they differ from the “groups” mentioned above?
c. What factors affect group performance in this workplace?
d. Are groups used well in this workplace?
In your analysis of the different lenses, you should draw on theory to explain your conclusions, and your assessment should be based on theory.
You may draw on any and all class material for this paper, and in addition should have a minimum of 4 journal references not provided in class (meaning in addition to the text).
The paper must be between 12 and 14 pages in length (not including title page, abstract page, or references), 12 point Times New Roman font, double spaced, one inch margins, and formatted according to APA guidelines. A bibliography (APA style) including all internet, magazine, and journal references must be included.
General Expected Outline:
1. Title page
2. Abstract
3. Description of job and organization.
4. One paragraph indicating which two lenses you chose to use for reflection and why.
5. Lens 1
a. Description of the lens (answer the questions above)
b. Last paragraph of reflection should include overall assessment and the theory this assessment is based on, and “best practices” determination.
6. Lens 2
a. Description of the lens (answer the questions above)
b. Last paragraph of reflection should include overall assessment and the theory this assessment is based on, and “best practices” determination.
7. Conclusion/summary paragraph

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