Guest Service Assignment (Hospitality Industry)

1. What do you think would be the definition of excellent service at time of check-in (a) at
a motel on the highway and (b) at a full-service Ritz-Carlton hotel?
2. Think about the last time you visited a hotel or restaurant as a guest. What moments of
truth do you recall? What impact did they have on your overall impression of the
hospitality operation?
3. Consider the following statement that is repeated from the chapter: “The majority of all
problems in a lodging property are caused by the manager—not by the employees.” Do
you agree? If you currently hold a job in the hospitality industry, what would your
manager think about this statement?
4. Assume that you are a hotel manager who is very concerned about providing quality
guest service. List three critical topics you would discuss in a guest service training session
presented to all new employees at the time of their orientation.
5. Sometimes even very good employees are reluctant to change. Assume, for example,
that a specific housekeeping procedure had been utilized for many years at a property. A
change is necessary because of numerous guest complaints. What tactics could you, as a
manager, use to reduce the employees’ resistance to change as the new procedures are

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