Healthcare Human Resources Management

Course Description 
According to Jeff Immelt, Chairman and Chief Executive of GE, in all organizations “people have to be our core competencies.”  Thus, the management of a company’s human resources is a central function of any organization. Human Resources management can be defined as the effective use of human capital in an organization through the management of people-related activities. It involves leadership, values, employment planning, recruiting and selecting employees, training and compensating them, and evaluating their performance. It also significantly influences the corporate culture and norms. The general purpose of this course is to familiarize students with the basic principles and techniques of human resource management.
Course Objectives
To introduce contemporary theory and practice in modern human resource management and the range of tools and methods available to address HR challenges and problems.
To teach relevant, practical and applicable human resource management skills to equip the student with the foundation competencies for working as HR practitioners in business.
To apply critical thinking and problem-solving skills to the analysis and resolution of human resource problems as presented in case studies.
Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course students will be able to:
Describe what human resource management is and how human resource management relates to effective and successful organizations.
Articulate the critical issues and challenges involved in contemporary human resource management.
Understand the implications of government regulations for human resource management
Know the elements of the HR function (e.g., recruitment, selection, training and development, etc.) and be familiar with each element’s key concepts & terminology
Apply the principles and techniques of human resource management gained through this course to the discussion of major human resources issues and the solution of typical case problems.
Assignment Instruction:
Identify three challenges and solutions that this company could be facing, for example, Transgender Ban, Sexual Harassment, Shortage of qualified workers to keep them competitive. These are just some examples. (Already Created Please Look at Power Point)
As the HR leader for your company, develop policies and strategies that would provide resolutions to the problems you identify based on what we have covered this semester which are:
NOTE: Must Incorporate Topics Below into paper: A Sample Paper will be Provided.
Employment Law
HR Planning and Job Analysis
Socialization and Orientation
Managing Careers
Establishing Rewards and Pay Plans
Employee Benefits
Establishing the Performance Management System
Discipline and Performance at will
Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment
Unions and Collective Bargaining
You should factor in as well the social, political, cultural, and economic environment of the country in which your company resides.
Your report should integrate the readings, cases, and current research on the issues you are reporting on.
The analysis should be approximately 10-15 double-spaced pages with complete references, in APA.

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