History Homework Help Part 1

In this assignment, you will choose a paragraph from a prose selection or a stanza from a poem and craft a close reading that explains what this passage reveals about the author’s understanding of what it means to be Black in their respective era. You may focus on explaining the passage’s theme or its form (novel, poem, etc). You may refer to other passages and/or key events in the text, but the focus of your argument should draw evidence from the paragraph/stanza you select. Include at least one direct quotation from the textbook. To assist your argument about what your passage reveals about the text’s historical, literary, or cultural context, you may need to conduct research in peer-reviewed journals or books. Guidelines: 2 pp, Sources: as needed, Work Cited page, Double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12 pt. font
MLA Format: Heading (left side: student name, instructor name, course number and section, date), title (centered), pagination (last name and page # in the header), margins (1-inch), parenthetical citations (author and page # (if provided)).

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