Paper On Physical Security (CCTV, Fences, Physical Barriers)

1. What are some of the physical barriers provided by CCTV and chain link fences as it relates to discouraging criminal activities?
2. Should the designs and features of physical barriers be considered when business owners are planning to install such systems at their businesses? Why or why not?
3. Explain the following 4 types of fencing.
A. Chain link fencing,
B. Ornamental fences,
C. Welded wire mesh fabric fencing,
D. Expanded metal fencing.
Paper Requirements:
1. Please write a minimum of two paragraphs on each question.
2. Every paragraph must be indented, have at least four complete sentences, subtitled (centered bold), and a different in-text citation.
3. Do not continuously cite at the end of each paragraph.
4. You are required to write and cite according to APA 6th  Edition format.
5. Your plagiarism score needs to be no more than 23%.

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