Human Relations Challenge: Forces Influencing Workplace Behavior

Journal (60 points total) 1. 20 points Respond to question 2a) on Page 19 of your textbook (Chapter 1, Try Your Hand section) as fully as possible. Use the question as your subject header and relate your response to the course content, giving an example from your current or prospective industry. 2. 40 points Founder of Patagonia Inc.,Yvon Chouinard describes himself as “the reluctant business man”. His life experiences and values form the basis of Patagonia’s organizational culture. a) Watch this video interview with him: Browse the Patagonia website: Identify and explain which of his values are observable in the organization’s mission statement, policies and practices as regards these two key areas: Employees Customers b) Based on your analysis, from an HR perspective: State whether you believe Patagonia Inc.’s is a useful model for establishing a high performance organizational culture for companies that aren’t so tied to a particular lifestyle, explaining why or why not. Reflection (40 points) Browse these SHRM communication style interview questions: SHRM.Behavioral.pdf Behavioral ▪ Give some examples of how and when you were the spokesperson for your current (or most recent) company. ▪ Give an example of how you carefully considered your audience prior to communicating with them. What factors influenced your communication? ▪ Describe a time you used your communications skills to negotiate with an angry person. ▪ Have you ever given a presentation to a group? How did you prepare for it? What would you do differently? ▪ Describe a time when you were able to overcome a communications barrier(s). ▪ Tell me about a time when effective listening skills helped you in a problematic situation. ▪ Tell me about a time when you thought someone wasn’t listening to you. What did you do? ▪ Recount an occasion when you were greeted with a greeting that was not normal for you. How’d you respond? Select two questions from the Behavioral section and respond as fully as possible, reflecting on your personal workplace communication style, skills, strengths, and areas for improvement. In both cases (Journal and Reflection): Use independent research, citing your sources appropriately in APA citation style Cite minimum one independent research source in your Journal and minimum one in your Reflection Write minimum 3 pages per Journal and minimum 2 pages per Reflection – in a single Word document

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