Industry Analysis, Porter’s Five Forces

Moser, a luxury glass manufacturer based in the Czech Republic, produces eco-friendly, hand
made, lead-free crystal using a unique range of colors which are virtually impossible to copy.
The company is known for manufacturing stemware, decorative glass, gifts and various art
engravings. The quality of the crystal and perfection of Moser’s hand cutting, engraving, gilding,
and brilliant colors are unsurpassed by most contemporary glass or crystal companies in the
world. Moser is one of the most collected decorative glass and has been used everywhere from
palaces to local restaurants.
2. Conduct an Industry Analysis:
Moser has asked that we consider the following components when conducting an industry
a) Identify the key customer segments for the high-quality glass
(maximum 5) of Texas and North Carolina markets.
b) Identify the key high-quality glass brands (maximum 5) on Texas and
North Carolina markets
c) Describe the overall high-quality glass pricing structure on Texas and
North Carolina markets
d) Identify the key drivers for the future high-quality glass customer
requirements on Texas and North Carolina markets
Links to a couple of online resources for helping with an industry analysis are provided
Specifically, see Standard and Poors Net Advantage
3. Assess Porter’s Five Forces as part of the industry analysis. Rank each of the 5 forces as
high, medium, or low and describe the reasoning for each ranking. See link to the “Five
Forces” article for more information:

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