Kepler’s Influence on Astronomy

In this writing assignment, you will investigate Tycho’s influence on Kepler and how the
laws of planetary motion swayed the scientific community to accept the heliocentric model.
outline the scientific process Kepler used to come up with his explanation of planetary
motion and how the laws developed by Kepler contributed to the eventual acceptance of
the heliocentric model.
examines the theory developed by Kepler and how Tycho’s written observations
contributed to its success. In your paper, discuss:
The three laws of planetary motion
The impact of Kepler’s laws on the acceptance of the heliocentric model
How Kepler’s laws are used today
Using Kepler’s laws and the properties of ellipses, and knowing that Halley’s comet
completes an orbit around the Sun every 76 years and has an orbital eccentricity of 0.97,
The average distance from the Sun (the semimajor axis) for Halley’s Comet
The perihelion and aphelion distances for Halley’s Comet

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