Leadership Interview summary

Goal: interview a person, who is currently in a leadership position (or was for a significant period of their career), and analyze their responses to specific questions, relative to the concepts, theories, and/or practices reviewed in this class.
Purpose: to explore the level of “real-life application” of the concepts, theories, and/or practices reviewed in this class.
-4 pages, double-spaced, minimum.
-APA not required, but appreciated.  Please use section headings
Note: please cite the specific theories (a minimum of five), and their author, in the analysis narrative, no need to provide a reference page.  Do not reference the Yukl text, rather reference the theories and who popularized the concept, if known (e.g. self-actualization: Bandura, or Single-loop learning: Argyris).
You are likely to see the Big 5, Emotional Intelligence, MBTI, Executive Leadership, persuasion, situational theories, etc.
Overview of leader, including background, position, education, and etc. (5 marks)
Develop and ask at least 5 questions (20 pts)
Question 1
Question 2
Question 3
Question 4
Question 5
Document responses (5 marks)
Provide response analysis in the form of an application (pro or con) of the related leadership theories covered in the class (20 marks)

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