Energy Infrastructure Threats and Vulnerabilities

This assignment is to be formatted in APA style and it should be 8-10 pages.
Part 1 
You have just been hired as the emergency manager for a medium-sized town in the Midwest. Your first day in the position, your deputy tells you that your predecessor had commissioned a vulnerability assessment from an outside consultant to review the energy infrastructure in the town. Like most towns, this one has an electric power plant and a natural gas works. It also, however, has a large oil refinery. The consultant is expensive and the town doesn’t have a great deal of money. You need to give the consultant some direction on the types of vulnerabilities he is likely to encounter. What are they? Rank them in order of possible danger to the public.
Vulnerability- weakness that can be exploited by an aggressor to make the asset susceptible to damage
First paragraph should discuss the function of each facility and their critical assets ie: for the electrical power plant you need to consider  (generators, substations, transformers, transmission lines, distribution lines , control centers, SCADA systems, networks, databases, telecommunications etc. and describe the site characteristics for the facility this could any town, USA.
Part 2
Electric power plants:
Consider this scenario: Israel has just attacked Iran in an attempt to destroy the latter’s nuclear weapons research. Iran has retaliated by closing the Straits of Hormuz and preventing oil shipments from getting through. As an adviser to the Secretary of Energy, what do you recommend as a way to keep oil flowing?
How to answer the Paper

  • This answer should be started with a brief history of the strait and it importance to the US economy.
  • The next section should discuss the history of problems in the region and how they were are resolved.
  • The last section should discuss suggestions on how to contain the situation and keep the strait open.
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