Marketing Plan Project (Answered)

This is a continuation of the marketing plan that you began with Part 1.  Use all of the information you can find regarding your chosen company. Your project should contain the following sections, in the following order. Please double space.

  1. Introduction (5 points, ½ page) Provide an introduction to the rest of your paper by providing a brief overview of what you will discuss.
  2. Pricing Strategy (20 points, 1 page). Provide a price range for your main product. Explain the pricing strategy. How do your prices compare to those of your competitors? Please, no “filler.” (For example, do not print out an entire menu and include it here.)
  3. Promotion Mix (60 points, 5 – 6 pages).
  4. Describe the promotions that the franchisor does. (For example, is there a national advertising program? Does the company send out coupons?) Identify the type of each promotion (advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling, direct marketing, social media).
  5. What additional promotion ideas do you have for your unit? Come up with at least two, and be as specific as possible with your ideas. As in part 4a, identify the type of each promotion.
  6. Conclusion (10 points, 1 page). Now that you have done this research, would you actually proceed with the opening of this new business? Why or why not? Include the initial franchise fee and startup costs in this section, to help you with your decision.
  7. Works cited/Grammar/Spelling (5 points):
    Use the MLA method, making sure to cite your sources throughout your paper. Significant deductions will be made for grammatical errors.
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