Mechanical and Electrical Systems in Buildings (Questions and Answers)

NOTE: Use info/factors from your text.  Show all calculations or explanations on the next page. 

  1. What size (in gallons) would a gas water heater need to be for a home with the following condition: 2 people, 1-washing machine, 2-bathtubs, 1-shower? What size electric water heater would be required?
  1. Water pressure in a municipal street main is 60 psi. If floor to floor height is 10’-0”, how many stories can a building have and still get 24 psi on the top floor?
  1. Estimate the number of water closets(WC), urinals(UR), lavatories(LAV), and drinking fountains(DF) for an elementary school with 600 students, 22 teachers, 4 administrators and 8 staff.
  1. Assume the elementary school above also has 4 service sinks and 12 hose bibs, calculate the Supply Fixture Units (SFU) and Drainage Fixture Units (DFU).
  1. A four story hotel is 64 feet tall and has a total of 600 DFU (150/floor). Size the building drain, soil stack and vent stack.
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