Moral Theories

*Discussion: Which theory of moral justification do you believe is the most pragmatic? Cite several examples to support your position. You may also make assertions as to the short comings of the philosophies that you did not choose to reinforce your argument.
*Required Text book:
Principles of Biomedical Ethics. 7th edition.
ISBN# 978-0-19-992458-5
Chapter 9.
*Please follow the instructions carefully. (see attached file)
*Please include the subject line as follow:
Cardinal Rule #2: You are required to create a Subject Line for your discussion posts that conveys the main point of your message.
It is not enough to use just a “keyword” or “key phrase” as your subject – you must create a short sentence (a complete sentence with subject – verb – predicate, but no more than about 10 words) which summarizes the main point you are making in your message.

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