Nurse Leadership Strengths

Research findings of Rath and Conchie (2008) indicate that leaders do not have to be good at
every aspect of leading. What a relief! However, to be effective change agents, these authors
argue the importance of knowing one’s leadership strengths and leveraging those strengths to
build strong teams. How does one leverage those strengths? Consider how one’s leadership
strengths could potentially weaken a team. In addition to the leadership assessment exercise,
please read the following articles:
Strengths Based Leadership Development Insights from Expert Coaches (found in theforum
Beyond Transformational Leadership to Greater Engagement: Inspiring Innovations inComplex Organizations (found in the forum overview)
Discussion Questions and Grading Rubric
Overall points are awarded based on the quality of the posts and the degree to which the
submissions contribute to class discussion. Students must show evidence of engagement
throughout the discussion and postings should reflect application of the assigned lesson
Leaders are visionary problem solvers. Describe a need or concern in your organization or
healthcare community that needs a visionary leader for effective change. Write a measurable
problem statement in a single sentence that reflects the need or concern your have described. In
a single sentence state the vision is for the future after effective leadership has addressed the
concern. All content should not exceed one brief introduction paragraph.
You will be the visionary leader to solve the problem you described. Based on your strengthbased assessment findings, what leadership strengths do you possess that you will leverage to
facilitate your vision for the future?•How can you use your strengths to build effective teams to
address the problem you described?
Visionary leaders do not make change alone. What strengths from others do you need to build a successful team?
Any strength taken to excess can become a weakness. Reflect on how your strengths could
potentially weaken your team’s success. Refer to the assessment findings for guidance. How will
you assure your strengths do not weaken the team?
Integrate a minimum of three leadership models and theories from textbook and or relevant peerreviewed readings into your strategic plan to maximize your leadership skills.
Substantial cross posts to a minimum of two (2) other students. The cross posts provide new or
supplemental information to the original posting or raise additional areas for discussion. New or
additional peer reviewed references should be cited in each cross post. The new or addtional
peer reviewed cross posts were not used in your initial discussion or the initial discussion of the
Students demonstrate active engagement in the discussion by responding to cross posts from
their peers to their initial posting. References are not required for these responses. The key to
this section is to demonstrate active engagement in the discussion through your interaction with
your peers- watch for posts from your classmates and acknowledge their posting. Note: if the
student does not have peer cross posts for the initial posting, these points will be incorporated
into the cross post section above.
Scholarship: Student consistently follows the instructions located with this rubric titled Strength- based Leadership Assessment Instructions. Instructions include an expectation of an APA
format, concise writing within the limits of the word count, correct use of grammar and correct
labeling of post and cross post. Headings and the reference list are excluded from the word limit.
Include a copy of your Strengths-Based Leadership Insight Report as an attachment to
your initial discussion in the forum. Please do not include other versions of the report.
Rev 1/2020
Attach a copy of the Strengths-Based Leadership Insight Report with your initial post.

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