Organizational Behavior (Case Study Joeris General Contractor Company)

Students will write a research paper on the company they currently work for, or a company you hope to one day work for, and create a profile of its organizational culture. Each of the areas below are required in the paper, but not limited to.
Discuss the following organizational behavior topics (Chapters listed are from the Organizational Behavior textbook) as applied to your company:
Organizational structure (Chapter 15) Culture (Chapter 16)
The Levels of Diversity Theory (Chapter 2)
Personality characteristics (Chapter 5)
Group behavior and work teams (Chapters 9-10)
Communication (Chapter 11)
Students are not limited to these topics and may go above and beyond the requirements. Some of the research can be completed by looking at the mission, vision, values statements, annual reports, news stories, employee interviews, public communications and press releases, etc. however, some of this information may also be found in the Webster University online library resource. The paper must not be anecdotal in nature; that is, it must not rely solely or primarily on your observations. If you choose to include a discussion of your observations, then you must clearly note that discussion as such in the paper. Please use the headers above to organize your paper. Required length of the paper (not including the title page or reference page) is between 18-20 pages. The format for this paper needs to be in APA.

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