Project Management House Renovation

This is a project management assignment for house renovation. Format your paper in Harvard style and use 7 sources. length of the paper is 10-12 pages. The activities and duration to complete are tabulated below.

Part 1

  1. Create a network diagram with the critical path clearly marked
  2. What are the advantages to the property developer in using critical path analysis to plan this project?
  1. How realistic is the idea of using only two workers to complete the project given the deadline of six weeks?

Part 2

  1. Identify at least 5 risks relevant to this project and create a simple risk table showing how you would manage these risks with appropriate risk controls
  2. Discuss how you would derive a risk score for each of these risks explaining what evidence you could access to support you calculation of impact and probability
  1. What are the opportunities available and how would you categorize these strategies?

Part 3

You have recently hired Kevin, a retired ex-lecturer in project management, to work as part of your project team on the house build. He is very good at solving technical project problems but seems to find working in the team very difficult and gives constant negative feedback on his co-workers. His performance and temper has become progressively worse over time. He seems to lack motivation and you may have to consider ending his employment.  Why might Kevin lack motivation? Discuss with reference to appropriate theories and case examples; suggest ways in which Kevin may be motivated.


Activity Time needed to complete
Substantial repairs to the roof 8 days
Internal structural work 4 days
Electrical work 7 days
Plumbing 6 days
Installing a new kitchen 3 days
Installing a new bathroom 4 days
Garden 5 days
Plastering 4 days
Internal decoration 5 days
Fitting carpets 1 day
Outside paintwork 5 days
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