Company – “PUMA”


  • Between 700-800 words (works cited page is not included in total required word count)
  • Double-spaced
  • 12-point Times New Roman font
  • 1-inch margins
  • Proper APA in-paper citations and works cited page required. You do not need to follow APA guidelines for a title page or abstract.  You MUST use APA for the body of your paper and works cited page.
  • Use at least 4 sources. You may use the company’s website and filings as a source. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source.

For this  Paper, you need to analyze the “PUMA” company organizational culture and approach to strategic management.

  • Strategic Management
    • What is the company’s corporate-level strategy?
      • Identify the company’s corporate strategy and provide supporting evidence.
    • Complete a SWOT analysis for your company.
    • Complete a VRIO analysis. Provide specific examples for each component to justify your analysis.
    • Leveraging Porter’s five competitive forces, using three of the five competitive forces, provide examples of how the competitive forces affect the “PUMA”
  • Organizational Culture
    • Describe the culture of the “PUMA” company. Identify values, norms, rituals, slogans, etc.
    • What is the company’s culture as described by the competing values framework? Justify your analysis with specific examples.
    • Using the basic types of organizational structures, identify the “PUMA” company’s organizational structure and explain the benefits and drawbacks of the structure.