Reflection of Someone’s Else Experience

Experiencing what someone else is experiencing is one of the best ways to understand their perspective and, in turn, talk their language and address their needs. To gain this advantage, put yourself in a foreign situation in order to experience it from the actual perspective of someone in that situation.
For example, professors can lose sight of what it feels like to be a student. I regularly challenge myself to take a lesson in something new so I can experience learning from the student perspective and then better relate to students. Similarly, to better understand how your professors feel, you could spend 30 minutes teaching something new to someone. A few other examples are provided in the lesson slides. Feel free to get creative in choosing what foreign situation you’ll place yourself in for perspective taking.
DELIVERABLE: The deliverable is your reflection on insights gained. What do you now understand better about someone in this situation – the issue from their perspective, their feelings and/or their frame of reference. Deliver two substantive paragraphs to earn full credit. In the paragraphs, first concisely describe your chosen ‘foreign’ situation and then discuss the perspective you gained.

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