Research on Immigration Policy

America was founded on the idea that we are a country that is supposed to welcome immigrants, since we were founded by immigrants and immigration has always been a huge part of our national growth. The poem on the Statue of Liberty expresses how many have felt about immigration to the US in the past, but not so much today. How has immigration changed under President Trump? What have we seen with the annual number of immigrants coming into our country legally and illegally? What was the recent announcement by Governor Abbott on legal immigration to Texas? What affect do you think these policies have had and will have on our economy? Do you think these policies are a good thing, that we should continue into the future, or not, and why? Although your conclusion is your opinion be careful NOT to use “I” or “we.” Personal pronouns are not to be used in a formal research paper, which this is, even though it is a bit short. Just say it like you mean it, and it is a fact.

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