Research Paper Anxiety

Your research project is designed so that you can investigate and learn more about health issues discussed during the semester and to hone your writing and computer skills.

Topic: Anxiety


In creating the informational write-up, you will:

•        Utilize a variety of informational resources/technologies to search for data, research a health condition/disease/illness,

•        Draw on prior knowledge as well as knowledge gained during the semester on the subject to comprehend, interpret and evaluate the topic.

•        Critically assess information found during research, demonstrating the ability to discern pertinent information.


The informational write-up will provide you with an opportunity to go into more details on your chosen topic.  This will be a separate, typed Microsoft Word document from the brochure.
The following are guidelines for the informational write-up:
The information should be in complete sentences. A minimum of 2 pages of text in the body of the paper (not including Literature Cited page); 12 font; double-spaced.
Written in scientific format (APA formatting is preferred). This includes using citations in the body of the paper. All information is to be paraphrased, and proper credit should be given to the original author(s).  Use no more than 2 quotes.
No less than 5 references, to be cited on the Literature Cited page at the end. You may use your textbook as one of the references.  All of the required references must be current (within the last 5 years if possible).  Please do not use Wikipedia or any similar website. 

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