Risk Assessment and Management

Risk Assessment and Management

Define the following terms and their significance in the field of homeland security and/or risk assessment (answers should be less than one paragraph):
1. Criticality Assessment.
2. Threat Assessment.
3. Vulnerability Assessment.

Directions: Select TWO of the following questions. Answer each one in a single

4. Explain the difference between Qualitative Risk assessments and
Quantitative Risk Assessments. Be sure to describe and evaluate their use,
any shortcomings, or considerations that they may entail.

5. Describe Crime Prevention and discuss the components of situational crime

6. Explain what the purpose of a Risk Assessment Report is. Based on your
learning, what are the two most critical components/reasons of this

Directions: Please select TWO of the essay questions below in 3-5 paragraphs.

7. Describe the CARVER and the CARVER + Shock methods. Identify the
strengths and weaknesses of these systems.

8. Describe the ASIS seven-step approach to risk assessment. Analyze the
relative strengths and weaknesses that may exist within this assessment

9. As the head of a recently hired security firm, you have been asked to
evaluate the security of a private business that specializes in auto manufacturing. The automobile company is located in a small American town with a relatively low crime rate. You are making your first visit to the site to assess its security needs. What are the three areas that you will examine first? Provide an explanation as to why you will examine these
areas first and what you will look for while on site to determine the
security status and needs.