Role of the government in provision of services

Final paper. This is an individual assignment as described in the section Academic honesty–collaboration above. Governments at all levels provide public goods and occasionally play a direct role in the market such as by providing private goods, which are normally offered by businesses. The purpose is for you to analyze one example of such a direct government action. The paper will include:
a) background
b) a description of the major stakeholders and their interests
c) arguments in support of the government continuing to play a direct role
d) arguments against the government continuing to play a direct role, and
e) your recommendation of whether the government should continue to play a direct role, and why.
Parts c) and d) form the core of the paper. The arguments ought to identify the winners and losers involved among the stakeholders, as well as what and how much they gain and lose. You are expected to conduct research.
To be accepted, it must meet the following requirements:
 it may be about any government action from a list to be provided by your instructor, or you may choose your own, if approved in writing in advance
 it will be double-spaced, and parts c) and d) must be at least four pages in length but no more than seven (large fonts or wide margins require greater length) with appropriate headings for each of the five sections above
 the opening paragraph will describe the government action, and
 use at least four relevant sources in addition to the text, all of which must be properly cited (see Academic honesty–plagiarism above); left- and right-leaning sources must be balanced in number.
Class participation. Participation in class discussions is expected from all class members on all topics. In order to earn credit for class participation, it is not sufficient just to be present–you must speak by answering cold-call questions, volunteering answers, adding to comments made by others in class, or asking relevant questions. If you are unable to attend a class, you can earn class participation credit by submitting brief answers to the assigned discussion questions; this offer is good for one class.

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