Science Test Questions & Answers

1. (500 words) Explain the main criteria for determining which medical breakthroughs were in the top 10 of all time. Do you feel that these criteria are sufficient in making this determination and do you feel that there were any great discoveries left off the list? Note: This is an extended essay question, worth 40 points. The response should be formatted in multi-paragraph essay with attention to essay structure, grammar mechanics, and APA formatting. Please include an introduction, a conclusion, and 3-4 body paragraphs. Include in-text citations and references.
2. Using the information presented in People and Technology Today: Some Educational Implications, provide some examples of educational criteria that would be beneficial to continue moving science education forward in the age of technological progress
3. According the topic reading from Stinson, S., Bogin, B., & O’Rourke, D. (Eds.). (2012). Human biology : An evolutionary and biocultural perspective, what are we learning about the expression of genetic information of an individual in specific environments?
4. Describe Newton’s second law of motion and provide an example of it from your daily life.
5. In what way are the 23 pairs of human chromosomes “matched” pairs of chromosomes?
6. Based on the topic 3 reading, briefly describe the etymology of the word “psychology.” Why is this etymology meaningful relative to modern psychology?
7. Define homeostasis and explain how it enables the body to adapt to changes in its environment.
8. Explain the process of diagnosing a person with diabetes along with the parameters and tests used for diagnosis. Discuss the thresholds that are used for each test.
11. What are extrasolar planets? In what way does their discovery make it seem more reasonable to imagine finding life elsewhere?
12. What are the major areas of research in astrobiology?
13. Describe the alternative medicine treatment of chiropractic medicine. Be sure to explain its origin, its treatment uses, and how it is performed.

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