Selection of Suitable Materials and Processing Methods and Understanding the In-Service Causes of Material Failure

General Information

All submissions to be electronic in MS Word format with a minimum of 20 typed words. All answers must be clearly identified as to which task and question they refer to. All work must be submitted through Learnzone.

Case Study: Select one of the following products to carry out a case study throughout this assignment:

  1. Car bodywork
  2. Electrical resistors
  3. Gas turbine blades
  4. Cryogenic tank

Task 1 – Learning Outcome 3.1

Analyse the function(s) of a product in terms of the material’s constraints on its design

  • For the chosen product, describe its function(s) and use in an appropriate industrial application. (Maximum length: 500 words)
  • Analyse the function(s) of the product in terms of the materials’ constraints on the design of the product. (Maximum length: 500 words)

Task 2 – Learning Outcome 3.2

Identify the required properties for the product and select the most appropriate materials and processing methods

  • For the Chosen product, identify appropriate materials used for its manufacture and the appropriate mechanical and thermal properties of these materials and discuss them in details. (Maximum length: 500 words)
  • Identify and discuss three of the appropriate processes used in the manufacture of the chosen product. (Maximum length: 400 words)

Task 3 – Learning Outcomes 3.3

Identify and explain the possible limitations on the product imposed by the processing and by the need to safeguard the environment and minimise costs

  • Manufacturing processes may impose limitation on the manufactured product. List the main possible limitations and choose three from the list to discuss their influence on the function of the product and suggest ways to reduce the effects of such limitations. (Maximum length: 400 words).

Task 4 – Learning Outcome 4.3

Explain the methods for investigating materials failure and for estimating product service life, when a product is subject to creep and fatigue loading

  • Identify three main causes of service failure for the chosen product and discuss each in detail. (Maximum length: 300 words)
  • For the chosen product explain how its service life can be estimated when it is subject to creep and fatigue loading. (Maximum loading: 400 words)

Task 5 – Learning Outcome 4.4

Determine and make recommendations for remedial/preventative measures for a given product or materials structure, that will help improve its service life

  • For the chosen product suggest three ways of improving its service life and discuss the measures that need taking in order to overcome the causes of service failure. (Maximum length: 450 words)
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