Sociological Theories And Applications

Answer all questions.Any references used must be properly cited in APA format.
1.​Pick one of the Sociological Theoretical Perspectives and write about a social issue in the U.S. today from the perspective of one of the theories.
2.​What impact will technology have on our lives in the future?
3.​Pick one of the Data Collection Methods And describe the advantages and disadvantages of the method in sociological research.
4.​describe how each of the primary socialization agents affects an individual’s socialization in society.
5.​Describe the various group conformity research projects and the issues raised in each project.
6.​Read the article “The McDonaldization of Society” on page 109. How has McDonald’s method of doing business affected American society?
7.​Discuss the differences among the three approaches to controlling crime.
8.​describe which of the four theoretical perspectives you believe creates haves and have-nots in society today.
9.​explain why the abortion issue and same sex marriage are so controversial in today’s society.
10.​explain the effect of urbanization on the world’s populations.

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