SPSS/Research Methods

Assessment 1
Assessment task: Quantitative research report: Investigating the effects of laughter on stress to help understand variations in stress levels based on individuals who have viewed humorous content versus individuals who have viewed neutral content, in addition to find any differences in male and female responses or if males/females respond differently to the material they have seen.
Weighting: 40%
Date/time/method of submission: Week 8 – Monday 6th November at 12pm via Turnitin
Word count or equivalent: 2000 words
Appendix A- Lab Report 1 Marking Sheet:
NOTE: Strong Emphasis is placed on the Methods & Results Sections
Word limit: 2000 (excluding tables and titles)
Abstract: (one single paragraph)
Introductory sentence
Methods sentence
Results sentence (no statistics, in words only)
Discussion sentence
Introduction: (800 words approx.)
Introduces topic/study in first paragraph
At least 3 research RELEVANT & ACADEMIC references included
Relevant study detail (i.e. brief  method & results for key references)
Properly cited in text and referenced
Clearly defined aims & hypotheses (do not state null hypotheses)
Design- study design stated, both IVs/Factors and DV, statistical test used
Participants- number, sex, mean ages, etc. in 1-2 sentences
Materials- Detail of experiment design & development of stimulus material
Questionnaire referenced and explained
Text refers to appendices where necessary
Gives internal reliability (α) of questionnaire
Procedure- Collection details and ethics (replicable?)
Section introduced in words (e.g. brief reminder of aims)
Descriptives in words & presented in appropriate table
Tables and graphs correctly labelled with full titles
Correctly interpreted effects with ‘F statements’ as per workshops
Two-way ANOVA conducted; both main effects & interaction presented.
Appropriate Graph(s) included
ANOVA table presented in appendices?
Significant effects fully explained (e.g. in terms of direction of findings)
Discussion (no numbers/statistics in discussion): (800 words approx.)
Correctly understood and explained the results (first paragraph)
Discusses findings in relation to studies in introduction (most of the discussion)
Limitations and strengths of the study
Areas/directions for future research
Conclusion (any implications?)
References correct using APA?
Appendices: Stimulus material; Questionnaire; SPSS ANOVA table

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