Statement of Purpose for College Admission Essay

Statement of Purpose for College Admission Essay

Statement of Purpose
You will be asked to upload a document containing a two- to three-page (single-spaced, 12-point font or equivalent) statement outlining your career objectives, reasons for choosing to undertake doctoral study in the built environment and what you expect from the program. The admissions committee uses this statement to understand your personal goals and desires with respect to the field. It is important to outline clearly your research objectives and focus. You are encouraged to prepare this document very carefully. This document should address the following items:

1:  A brief overview of your academic and professional background, including previous research experience.
2:  Describe your motivation for pursuing doctoral studies and your current research interests. This is your opportunity to explain what you would like to learn through advanced study and what you plan to achieve by doing so.
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3: Identify at least three members of the faculty you would like to work with. One or more of these should be a core member of the program’s faculty.

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4: Briefly outline your intended course of study, including your primary research interests. You may also want to list several courses that you would like to take during your first year in the program.

5: Conclude with a short description of your envisioned future and the role you would like to play in the field.

The applicant’s statement of purpose often proves to be the most important document in the application process. While other documents help establish general qualifications and background, the statement of purpose is a personal expression that distinguishes an applicant from other applicants and relates her or his specific interests to those of program faculty.

The objectives of the statement of purpose are twofold. First, it builds on the content of more generalized documents, such as transcripts and the curriculum vitae, by providing further details regarding the applicant’s background and academic qualifications. Second, it delivers a clear description of the applicant’s objectives, including research interests and intended course of study. This information is critical to the application process and a focused, well-written document is essential to the decision to admit. For this reason, the statement of purpose should reflect your best thinking regarding your decision to pursue doctoral studies at the University of Washington.

As you write, please keep in mind that it is important to be as specific as possible. The admissions committee seeks to understand your objectives and to ensure that your interests are compatible with those of the program faculty. And while it is understood that your knowledge of the University of Washington may be limited, you are encouraged to seek information via the Internet and through faculty that you have an interest in working with. The more informed and focused your statement of purpose, the better your chances of admission.