Stress Screening test and Relaxation Modules

There are two assignments for the course:
Assignment 1: Read the posted file on Stress Screening test. Write a 200 word synopsis
of your results in each column. Please note that you cannot write into a document. You will
need to submit entry file on canvas after you complete your screening test results. 8 points
Assignment 2: Response Paper
From the document Relaxation Modules, choose 2-3 topics, and write 400 word essay.
Response paper will demonstrate the student’s ability to write clearly on how relaxation
techniques, stretches, and the time relaxing and quieting the mind, how all these impacted
student’s body and mind. Student will demonstrate a deeper understanding about the impact of
these techniques from their own experience during the 10 week period as evident from the
response paper. Student can identify their own stressors in daily living.

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