Technology-enriched learning experiences

Technology-enriched learning experiences

Using current and relevant technology-enriched learning experiences can help to support differentiation in the classroom. Educators must be able to access current technology and utilize that technology to meet the individual needs of students and prepare them for 21st-century learning.

Choose an online blog platform to create your education-based blog to share with other teachers.,, and are examples of free blogs, though you are free to use any software, service, or technology that provides a sharable link. Sites that require a paid subscription are not required, especially with so many free options available online. You will be using this blog throughout the remainder of the course.

Write a 500-750 word entry, identifying 3-5 current technologies that can be used to appropriately support differentiated instruction and enrich student learning styles.

Include the following in your blog entry:

Brief description of each technology.
Breakdown of each technology concerning ease of use, the practicality of incorporation, cost, user-friendliness (for teacher and student), and cross-curricular ability.
How each selected technology differentiates for readiness, interest, and learning styles.
Appropriate instructional strategies are supported by using each technology to enrich learning experiences and account for individual student differences and learning styles.
Select two of the technologies. Describe how each promotes learning and creates ownership of learning among the students

Use 3-5 scholarly resources to support your writing.