Typical and Atypical Behaviour vs Normality and Abnormality

Please do an 10-12 minutes individual presentation covering the following points:

  • Distinguish between typical and atypical behaviour
  • Explain the way in which two classification systems are used
  • Evaluate the two classification systems, in terms of their strengths and weaknesses
  • Explain and evaluate at least one model of atypical behaviour, apply this model to a mental illness of your choice
  • Explain the key features of at least one model of explaining mental health
  • Evaluate the model/models of mental health that you use
  • Apply the model/models to highlight how they would explain a specific illness.

Your work should include in-text referencing and a reference list of sources using the Harvard referencing system
You must agree in advance with the tutor the mental illness and the model you are covering during the presentation
You may submit a draft of your assignment to your tutor for comments but this must be done well before the submission date to enable you to make any changes and still hand your assignment in on time.

Learning Outcomes 
The student should be able to
Assessment Criteria 
The student can
1st submissionAchieved
Y / N
2nd submissionAchieved
Y / N
1 Understand how atypical behaviour is defined and classified 1.1  Define normality and abnormality
1.2  Explain systems for classifying atypical behaviour
1.3  Discuss problems in defining and classifying atypical behaviour
2 Understand models of atypical behaviour 2.1  Describe a model used to explain atypical behaviour
2.2  Evaluate a model used to explain atypical behaviour
2.3  Apply a model used to explain atypical behaviour to a named mental illness


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