Workplace Gender Diversity

Instructions:  Write a two page essay responding to each scenario below…
Page 1
You are in charge of the nursing staff in a major metropolitan hospital.  Juan Flores, an MD in the Philippines who came to work as a nurse in the United States, complains to you that he has been routinely excluded from regular assignments by his supervisor, who instead has assigned him to simple duties on a special AIDS wing of the hospital requiring a relatively low level of nursing skills.   Flores is heterosexual, but his supervisor recently asked him if he participated in the Rainbow Gay Pride Parade.  Flores recently made a complaint to you about his treatment.  What actions do you take, if any, and why?
Page 2
Many airlines often have policies that charge certain larger people for two seats if they do not fit into the regular seat under certain guidelines.   But what about guidelines for employees?  Airlines’ fuel cost is based on weight, and according to the EEOC, obesity is a disability. Assume you are the manager of the Human Resources Dept. at an airline.  Should your airline screen out overweight applicants in its hiring practices?  What will your policies be, and why?

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