Write My Argumentative Essay

For this essay you will have two options.

Option 1: Take your decision about what 5 people you decided to save on the lifeboat and argue what features/characteristics are the LEAST valuable in a moment of crisis.

Some examples of acceptable theses:

  1. “When deciding between life and death the least important factors are…..”
  1. “If I had to save only a few people in a life and death situation, the reasons I would not pick specific people over others are…..”
  1. “The least important aspects to consider when deciding who to save from the lifeboat you must consider are….”

You will use the specific people you chose as examples and support for your ideas.

Option 2:   Choose a topic that you have an interest in and that you want to write about.  Your essay will be much better if you care about what you are writing.    For this option only you will need at least ONE outside source.  Please be sure to topic approved by me ahead of time. Some examples of acceptable topics are:

  1. El Centro Students should not pay more than $200 in tuition a semester because of their low-income levels.
  2. Most primetime television shows are not suitable for children under the age of 12 because of explicit sexual content and unrealistic depictions of men and women.
  3. All students will have cheated in some format by the time they graduate from college because of pressure from home, the university itself, and society.

For both options: You must limit your argument to a single thesis, and your thesis must be an assertion. You must provide evidence to support your claim from your own opinion/experience, and you must address at 1 counter-arguments in your paper.  Your goal with this paper is not necessarily to persuade me to agree with your argument, but to show that you can reason and write in a logical, coherent manner.

Requirements: This essay is developed with details, examples and support, so make sure that the body paragraphs go in to sufficient detail.

There should be a separate introductory paragraph with a hook, a funnel, and a thesis statement.  It should have a minimum of five paragraphs: one introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and one concluding paragraph. The final draft of the essay should be at least 2 pages long.

  1. The introduction should explain the context of the lifeboat assignment.  Give sufficient background information so that ideas are clearly explained.
  2. There should be three body paragraphs with clear topic sentences that have controlling ideas.  There should be supporting sentences with specific examples of situations that give readers an understanding of each topic sentence. A concluding sentence may appear at the end of a body paragraph.  At least two body paragraphs need to be about your argument. One body paragraph needs to address the counterarguments of your topic. You must discuss at least 1 counterargument.
  3. If chose option 2: include a “Reference List” page with a minimum of 1 source.  You must refer to all sources within the paper.  USE APA FORMAT.
  4. A concluding paragraph will have three parts:  a restatement of the thesis statement, a summary of main points, and a reflection, prediction, or recommendation.
  5. Your essay should be typed with 12 point font, Arial or Times New Roman, double spaced, 1 inch margins, academic in tone, with proper heading and page numbers.
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