Application of the Normal Distribution

Data is a great way to begin assessing a given situation. It provides us with information regarding
what exists, and it gives us a way of answering questions. However, data in its raw for is really
just a pile of numbers, words, and/or phrases. In order for data to be useful, we must analyze it
depending on the situation.
*Finding Your Percentile
One way in which this can be done is by calculating z-scores and identifying percentiles.
Consider the following example: Data on social media use was collected from a sample of
college students. The average daily amount of social media use by this group was found to be 4
hours, with a standard deviation of 1 hour. Consider your daily social media use, and then
develop the main response in which you address the following:
1. Identify approximately how many hours you used social media today.
2. Use the sample mean (4 hours) and standard deviation (1 hour) provided to calculate a zscore for your own daily social media use.
3. Use the normal distribution table in your textbook to determine the percentile for your z-score.
4. Explain what this means, and what it implies about your social media use in comparison to the

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