Confidence Intervals

Confidence intervals are often used to estimate a population mean. When the population
standard deviation is not known, the calculations for this estimate involve sample data, along
with the t-distribution.
Social Media Use
1. For this discussion, you will use two separate groups to create two population mean
2. AsK a group of friends how much time (in hours) they spent on social media throughout the
previous day.
3. Divide this group into two subgroups, and calculate the mean and standard deviation for both.
4. Use the appropriate formula to construct a confidence interval to estimate the population
5. Then develop a main response in which you address the following:
6. Present the confidence intervals you constructed from both subgroups (samples).
7. Compare and contrast these:
8. Relate the similarities and differences to the samples.
9. How do the groups differ?
10. How does the data differ between them?
11. How does this relate to the confidence intervals constructed from each?
12. Discuss which you feel is a more accurate estimate of the population mean and why.

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