Energy Improvements to Buildings Report (Calculations)

Energy Improvements to Buildings
You are provided with information of a building in the attachment. Present a report comprising the following:

  1. Introduction
  2.  Calculations’

2.1. Volume of the building
2.2. Area of walls
2.3. Area of doors
2.4. Area of windows
2.5. Heat loss coefficient (HLC)
2.6. Heat loss parameter (HLP)
2.7. Steady-state heat loss rate (W)
2.8. Assumptions
3. Effective Energy Efficiency Measures
Compare two options (old and new boiler) including payback time for new boiler.
4. Improving thermal performance by insulation (select a material)
4.1. New Heat Loss Coefficient (HLC)
4.2. New Heat Loss Parameter (HLP)
4.3. New steady-state heat loss rate (W)
5.0. Renewable energy option (s) for the building

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