History of Global Health Technologies

Prompt: Read selected excerpts from Isaac Williams Brewer’s Personal Hygiene in Tropical and Semi-tropical Countries (1908) [Introduction, p. 1-4; Clothing, p. 11-14; Water, p. 15-21; Dwellings, p. 28-32; Disposal of Excreta, p. 34-44; Prevention of Malaria, p. 51-59]. In what ways do the technologies mentioned in these excerpts reflect new understandings of health, illness, and place in the early twentieth century? In what ways do they reflect older understandings? How can we understand changes in medical ideas and the historical context of global health by analyzing these technologies? This is not a research paper; you need only use the source, course readings, and course lectures. On the bottom, I have uploaded the reading article that has all those specific page numbers listed in the prompt. Please read them all. The second upload are the detailed lecture notes the Professor gave about the “older understandings of health, illness, and place.” Which is the second question to the prompt. I have Highlighted important key areas you should look at, and feel free to pull the information directly from the notes and put it in the paper.

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