Reflection Engineering Problem Solving and Analysis

Part 1
Read and reflect on the article (750 words):
Read attached article
This article is relevant to both external AND on-campus students.
Use the following elements to aid your reflection (Brodie 2010):
 Retell – state the basic facts of the article, but also examine how you feel about it;
 Relate – relate the article to other examples or behaviour that you have experienced;
 Reflect – how will the knowledge gained from the article be used either in your professional or personal life, give examples. Also think about possible alternatives, other perspectives or meanings.
Part 2
Reflect on the Course and your Learning Experiences (1,500 words):
Use your reflection on the article from task 1 to reflect on the course  and your learning experiences from the course over the Semester. In particular, compare your teamwork experiences between this Semester to Introduction to Engineering Problem Solving . Use the below listed communication, teamwork and professional development competencies from professional bodies to help your reflection. Ensure that you use reference to other relevant literature and team discussions to support your reflections.

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